Researchers Gone Wild is a project dedicated to continuing research outside of formal academia.

Why continue to research after your BA or BSc? With tuition fees rising at Masters and PhD level, it is increasingly difficult to continue your University level education unless you already have substantial financial support in place. Those of us who have entered work but still wish to pursue academic interests will find ourselves pretty rusty once we get back to the library. In order to stay keen, I am hoping to continue a series of small research projects outside of my day job, sharing my notes, and producing write-ups of the end result.

The research done will aim to be transdisciplinary, but many of the projects will be drawn from the areas of sociology, philosophy, history and psychology. Some of my personal research interests include the following:

  • The history of psychology
  • The philosophy of technology
  • The psychology of conspiracy and cults
  • Theories of time

…and much more besides.

When this project is up and running properly, each research project will be tagged with a codename, and any relevant academic areas. If you are passing through, and you see something that intersects well or interestingly with a book or paper you’ve read (even if it is in a substantially different subject area) please do leave a comment and let me know.


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