Updates 20-10-13

Work at Researchers Gone Wild has been slow, but it hasn’t stopped. We hope to be back at full speed in time for Spring 2014, in the interim here are some updates on current projects.

Project: Wolf

At present, I am working out my thoughts on having read Rokeach’s The Three Christs of Yspilanti. Often hailed as being one of the best and most thorough observational psychological works, I picked this up to help form some thoughts on what a narrative science might look like, and to spark some ideas on the role of scientific literature. As it stands, my feelings about the book are conflicted. Reading through, I found my mind lingering far more often on the dubious nature of the research ethics used, and have particularly found myself wondering about the character of scientific research in the 1960s under the influence of LSD.

Most other things I would like access to for this project are sadly tantalisingly out of reach for now. I’m hoping that a relocation next year will put me in a better geographic situation for research libraries.

Project: Chronos

After having some conversations via Twitter about the links between Greek, African and Eastern philosophy, I have realised that Project: Chronos will be a great platform for exploring some of these links. It will also give me something to point people towards next time these discussions arise. I will be tweaking and refocusing my efforts, but hope that there will be a post up in the next two months. This is going to involve some lengthy searching for notes I wrote for a talk in 2008!

Literature Reviews

I have now added a category for Literature Reviews. From now on, any lengthy article of merit that I read I will put into a post and summarise. I am likely to publish in groups of 5 – 6 to avoid becoming tiresome. This will be a good aide memoir for myself, and hopefully will direct my readers to some interesting curious across the internet.